If life can be challenging, growing up adds a myriad of complexities to that challenge.


Social, academic and peer pressures, combined with rapid physiological changes, can lead to girls and teens often feeling overwhelmed, stressed, isolated and confused. 

Too many battle with low self-esteem and the struggles with their body image is at an all- time high.


It is difficult to understand the world of a teenager, often because they won’t let you in, and often because adults struggle to remember how it feels to be in their shoes. They can be two colliding worlds.

This is where the teen coaching process has the potential to transform your teen’s life.

Adding the powerful tools of Teen Wisdom Inc. to my own, along with years of life experience, I support girls, teenagers and young women between the ages of 10 and 25, to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

I specialise in coaching on the following topics:

  • Self confidence

  • Self-esteem/Self worth

  • Low Self Body Image


Other topics, including the following and/or others, may be relevant and can also be addressed during sessions.

  • Friendship/Social Relationships

  • Parent/Family Relationships

  • Dating/Relationships

  • Alcohol/Drugs

  • Future/Direction

  • Decision-making

  • School/Stress

  • Relationships

  • Technology/Information/Media overload 

I am also a drama tutor, In addition to coaching:

  • and I teach LAMDA exams to male and female teens of every age group.

  • In addition to those wanting to get into acting, the LAMDA exams provide an excellent way to help teens improve and boost self confidence.

The benefits of coaching are numerous and the impact on girls/young women can be everlasting.  Building their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth will help these girls and young women become more powerful and self-reliant. They will learn to trust their innate intuition, helping them make wiser choices in line with their values. Last but not least, they will come away believing that who they are is enough.

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by Your Daughter's Coach,

Jessica Giuffré, BA (Hons), NT Dip.CNM

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