My expertise is in elevating the professional you already are to become an even more accomplished one, with a little extra flair.


I have over 25 years’ experience in consulting, coaching, training, and teaching in many different fields. I have worked with high end restaurants, large and small companies, and individuals from all walks of life helping them with their presentation and communication skills.


Talk to me, and I’ll design the perfect coaching plan for you or your staff.


Floor Staff:

A series of bitesize training sessions in “Modern Etiquette”, aimed at staff whose mother tongue is not English.

Management Team:

Specifically designed for General Managers, Assistant Managers and Supervisors who need to deliver the briefing before service.

Tailor made training sessions based on your needs and those of your company and staff.

Anyone who wishes to improve on any presentation skills, such as lecturing, talks or meetings.


" We thoroughly enjoyed our time working with Jessica at Hakkasan.

She is a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. Her expertise in human relation and the level of empathy makes her approach unique and very personable."

                        -  A.S.

“Best training we’ve had”


“Unexpected, three intense training sessions- we want more!”.

                        -  R.D.

“I really enjoyed my training sessions with Jessica, hers was a very different approach and I think I will be able to connect with staff members on a more personal level not only during briefings but in general.”

                     -  F.M.

" Jessica is a lovely and easy going person. From the beginning, we found the right connection. As I said, it was intense, and gave me a different view of my relationships with people around me."

                        -  A.Q.

I feel rejuvenated after my training/coaching with Jessica...

                        - S.J.

My training with Jessica was transformational!

                                    - A.J.

“From my side the training was very helpful. I loved the way she was conducting the training, it was very ‘freestyle’ but we got a lot of things done."

                   -  M.S.

“It helped to give me a strong idea to conduct briefings and approach staff in a positive way; how to prepare for a briefing, praising staff, engaging all staff, recognition for their hard work, delivering a message in an effective way... It also helped me to understand my team and staff."

                        -  G.W.

“The main comments were that it was:

- Intense, unorthodox and really enlightening, and got the managers out of their comfort zone. There is definitely more thought and energy going into our briefings as a result.

A really powerful exercise.”

                        -  P.dP.

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